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November 8, 2022

In response to this evening's election results, PFT President Jerry Jordan issued the following statement:

PHILADELPHIA—"Pennsylvanians can rest a little easier tonight knowing that the next Governor of our great Commonwealth will govern for all of us. On behalf of Philadelphia's 13,000 educators, I offer my sincere congratulations to Governor-elect Josh Shapiro and Lt. Governor-elect Austin Davis on their resounding victory today.

"Over the course of the last few months, PFT members have been deeply engaged in the electoral process, because they have intimately known exactly

October 25, 2022 In response to this evening's debate between Lt. Governor Fetterman and Dr. Oz, PFT President Jerry Jordan issued the following statement: PHILADELPHIA—"Dr. Oz is ania. lot of things: a New Jerseyan, a TV personality, a fraud, a charlatan, and either a Yankees or Padres fan. But here's what he absolutely will not be: the next Senator of Pennsylva MORE
October 10, 2022 PHILADELPHIA—"Our city is once again reeling from the murder of a child-- a thirteen year-old-boy in West Oak Lane whose life was stolen from him, robbed of his future dreams and aspirations, never to even graduate eighth grade. My heart breaks for all who knew and loved him: his family, his friends, his neighbors, the entire Wagner Middle School community; the impact of such a tragedy is measureless. MORE
September 27, 2022 In response to the shooting outside Roxborough High School, leaving one student dead and five injured while playing football, PFT President Jerry Jordan issued the following statement: PHILADELPHIA—"I am horrified, heartbroken, and enraged by the shooting of five students this afternoon outside Roxborough High School at a football scrimmage. I am gutted to learn that one child--just fourteen years old--has died. This shooting should shake us all to our core: five teenagers playing football after school--on the purported safety of school grounds, only to have their lives, and the lives of those they know and love, forever altered.  MORE

September 22, 2022

In response to statements at Thursday evening’s board meeting regarding paraprofessionals' salaries, Jerry Jordan said the following:

"In our recent contract, we made historic gains in the salaries and working conditions of paraprofessionals. This included more than 10% salary increases for the vast majority of paraprofessional support staff. Further, we negotiated a landmark career pathway agreement, winning fully paid college tuition for paras looking to further their education to pursue a career in teaching. For the first time, no member is earning less than $15/hour. But


Yesterday evening, PFT Member Trina Dean and TAUP Member Heather Levi told their stories of student debt forgiveness and urged members to take part in the process. They shared their stories alongside Secretary Miguel Cardona, Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff, PFT President Jerry Jordan, AFT Pennsylvania President Arthur Steinberg, AFT - American Federation of Teachers  President Randi Weingarten, and Philadelphia Council AFL-CIO President Pat Eiding, and hundreds of union members!   

  • Student loan relief has been an absolute top priority for the AFT, and years of advocacy is yielding massive results
September 10, 2022 In the wake of the murder of Tiffany Fletcher, killed by a stray bullet while working outside of Mill Creek Recreation Center, and the ongoing scourge of gun violence, PFT President Jerry Jordan issued the following statement: PHILADELPHIA—"We grieve for Tiffany Fletcher’s children and all of her loved ones, and for all impacted by this horrific tragedy and by the ongoing devastation of gun violence. For Ms. Fletcher’s life to be cut short because of a stray bullet while she was working at a community recreation center is just unconscionable. To Ms. Fletcher’s family, and to all that knew and loved her, I offer my deepest sympathy on behalf of the PFT. MORE
August 31, 2022 PHILADELPHIA—"Again, Philadelphians woke up to news of more devastation wrought by the ongoing scourge of gun violence. A shooting outside of Willard Elementary School rocked the tight-knit community, leaving three hospitalized, including a 17 year old.  "When PFT staff representative Ray Guzman arrived at Willard before the school day began this morning, to provide support for staff and families, he reported seeing a bullet hole through the school window and a bullet impact on the school door. Individuals he spoke with reported feeling scared and overwhelmed. MORE
August 24, 2022 PHILADELPHIA—Responding to the Biden-Harris Administration's student loan forgiveness announcement, PFT President Jerry Jordan issued the following statement: "Once again, President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are delivering on their campaign promises-- this time in the form of major student debt relief that will 'provide more breathing room to America’s working families' as part of a 'comprehensive effort to address the burden of growing college costs and make the student loan system more manageable.' MORE
August 22, 2022 Following 32BJ SEIU's  strike authorization vote, and amidst their ongoing contract negotiations, PFT President Jerry Jordan issued the following statement of support: PHILADELPHIA—"The Philadelphia Federation of Teachers stands united in solidarity with our union siblings at 32BJ SEIU as they work towards the settlement of a fair contract in advance of its August 31st expiration.  MORE