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November 23, 2022

In response to the shooting outside of Overbrook High School at dismissal today, PFT President Jerry Jordan issued the following statement:

PHILADELPHIA—"The ongoing scourge of gun violence continues to plague our city and our nation. I am enraged by the shooting outside of Overbrook High School this afternoon that injured four students and surely traumatized so many more students, staff, and community members.

"While I am grateful that the students injured appear to be in stable condition, I am disgusted by the level of violence impacting so many across this city and nation. It is well past time for meaningful and sustainable action on gun reform. 

"In the past two weeks, we have seen the relentless impact of this crisis across the nation, with deadly mass shootings at UVA, at Club Q in Colorado Springs, and at a Chesapeake, VA Walmart. In 2022 in our beloved city, we have seen the devastation wrought by this crisis with 435 fatal shootings as of yesterday.

"Today, students leaving Overbrook High School, ready for time off from school with their loved ones, had their lives upended by the devastation wrought by gun violence. No one should have to go to school in fear. Or go to a club in fear. Or go to work in fear. Or simply exist in fear for their life.

"This Thanksgiving, I'll be holding the entire Overbrook High School community, and all impacted by this ongoing crisis, in my heart and mind. I reaffirm this union's deep commitment to ending the crisis of gun violence."


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