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January 27, 2023 "Today and every day since we learned of the brutal murder of Tyre Nichols at the hands of Memphis police, he and his family and loved ones have been on my mind. "As the nation braces for the release of what, by all accounts, is a simply horrific video, I know it stirs up many emotions. Today, Tyre Nichols' mother, RowVaughn Wells, asked a very poignant question: 'Where was the humanity?' "Mrs. Wells talked about the love Tyre had for her, the impact of the loss on her family, and also noted, 'People try to say Black people only try to go after white officers. That's not true. We don't care what color the officer is. We want bad officers taken off the force.' "Today, and every day, Black Lives Matter." MORE
January 23, 2023 "Again and again and again. Tonight, it’s Half Moon Bay enduring what should be unthinkable but is all too common in our nation. "We mourn for the seven lives so cruelly cut short, for all those they leave behind, and for all impacted by this horrific mass shooting. MORE
January 22, 2023 "A night of celebration in Monterey Park--at a dance club after a nearby Lunar New Year celebration--turned into a scene of horror and devastation, and families are now left shattered. "The shooting in Monterey Park, leaving at least ten dead and ten more injured, marks another catastrophic mass shooting that has become all too common in our nation. MORE
January 23, 2023 This afternoon, after completing a lengthy endorsement process, which included opportunities for every member to vote on an endorsement as well as a Mayoral forum to hear from candidates, PFT President Jerry Jordan hosted a news conference at Heston Elementary School to announce the results. Jordan enthusiastically announced the union's overwhelming support for Helen Gym. Jordan was joined by Heston's staff, and Building Representative Lenora Howard delivered powerful remarks and introduced our candidate for Mayor. Helen Gym spoke about what the endorsement means to her and the work ahead.  Jordan's prepared remarks are below and linked here.  A playback of the event, with remarks by Heston Building Representative Lenora Howard and Mayoral candidate Helen Gym can be viewed here. MORE
January 20, 2023 In response to the District's announcement of a lawsuit challenging the facilities oversight legislation passed in City Council in May, PFT President Jerry Jordan issued the following statement: PHILADELPHIA-- "It is disappointing that the District has chosen to challenge a duly passed law geared precisely towards addressing the ongoing facilities crisis in our schools. For years, this union has fought tirelessly to address the ongoing issues of lead, asbestos, mold, and other environmental hazards. MORE
On December 14th, PFT joined CeaseFirePA's vigil in honor of the tenth anniversary of the Sandy Hook mass shooting and in honor of the 15,000 lives of Pennsylvanians stolen by gun violence in the ten years since then.  Speakers at the event included: Roz Pichardo (CeaseFirePA) Chante Love (EMIR Healing Center) Dennis Carradin (The Trauma Survivors Foundation) Meredith Elizalde (mother of Nicolas, and PFT member) Rev. Tonya Waller-Waddy Dr. Dorothy Johnson-Speight (Mothers In Charge) Adam Garber (CeaseFirePA) Michael Reed At the vigil, Meredith Elizalde read a poem she authored in honor of her son Nicolas, "What Does the Green Bird See?" Meredith began by saying, "Dedicated to Nick Elizalde: The greatest honor of my life was to be your mother.  The second greatest honor of my life was to hold you as you died.  May we all be blessed to see the world and our role in it, as you did.  Rest in power." MORE
December 2022 In the Winter issue of American Educator, PFT staff representative LeShawna Coleman and teacher resident Gemayel Keyes delve into the PFT paraprofessionals pathway program. A must read! MORE
November 23, 2022 In response to the shooting outside of Overbrook High School at dismissal today, PFT President Jerry Jordan issued the following statement: PHILADELPHIA—"The ongoing scourge of gun violence continues to plague our city and our nation. I am enraged by the shooting outside of Overbrook High School this afternoon that injured four students and surely traumatized so many more students, staff, and community members. MORE
November 16, 2022 In response to the PA House passage of HR 240, PFT President Jerry Jordan issued the following statement: PHILADELPHIA—"In a desperate maneuver in their waning days of power, the Pennsylvania House Republicans tripled down on their desire to circumvent the will of Philadelphians by voting to move forward with the impeachment of District Attorney Larry Krasner. MORE

November 9, 2022

In response to this evening's election results, PFT President Jerry Jordan issued the following statement:

PHILADELPHIA—"Voters of Pennsylvania have made their voices heard, and John Fetterman's decisive victory leaves us confident in our optimism about our path forward for our great commonwealth. 

"Throughout a grueling campaign and a life-threatening health scare, the fortitude and determination demonstrated by John Fetterman and his family is a testament to their commitment to our collective futures. 

"John Fetterman stands for so many of the things we fight for every day. He