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Dear Members,

This weekend, I am headed to Houston to participate in the AFT’s Civil, Human, & Women’s Rights conference, along with PFT Staff Representative Wendy G. Coleman.

During this deeply troubling time, I am looking forward to joining with colleagues from across the nation to talk about our collective work towards a better, more equitable, and more just tomorrow.

I think about the upcoming conference in the context of the atrocities we are seeing unfold in the Israel-Hamas War. As I shared last week, our deepest sympathies are with every single individual impacted by this


A coalition of labor and community organizations issued a

 document outlining the urgency of a full investment in public education-- both a moral imperative and now, an imperative codified by law in the landmark school funding case. Pennsylvania has long neglected its constitutional requirement to provide every child with a thorough and efficient system of public education, and the 2024 budget is the moment we have to get it right. 

This coalition came together to issue not only a strong pro-public education message but also to emphasize our collective repudiation of vouchers in any form. The document issued by the coalition includes a host of research on the unproven, harmful impacts of investing public dollars in private institutions. Public education is a public good.

Mayor Parker

January 2, 2024

After attending the inauguration of Philadelphia's Mayor Cherelle L. Parker, alongside the members of City Council and Philadelphia's row offices, PFT President Jerry T. Jordan shared the following:

"I was honored to witness this historic event today. Watching our 100th Mayor, Cherelle L. Parker, be sworn in, was a poignant moment— and a real reminder to our young people, especially young Black girls—that they, too, can achieve such greatness. I look forward to a productive partnership with Mayor Parker."


Our congratulatory posts can be found on Facebook (here and he


Following the death of Dr. Constance Clayton, beloved former Superintendent of the School District of Philadelphia, PFT President Jerry Jordan issued the following statement:

PHILADELPHIA--"Dr. Constance Clayton was the best Superintendent I've ever known, and the students and staff of our school system and our city at-large are better for her service. Dr. Clayton at her core was an educator, a mentor, and one of the staunchest advocates for children that I've met. 

"I was always struck by how Dr. Clayton ended every speech she delivered: 'Remember, the children come first.' She lived by those words, and her leadership was defined by that unwavering commitment. This credo was inextricably linked to every action she took as a superintendent. 


April 28, 2024

Regarding the delay in moving forward with the nomination of Joyce Wilkerson to the School Board, PFT President Jerry T. Jordan issued the following statement:

PHILADELPHIA-- "I urge members of City Council to advance the nomination of Joyce Wilkerson to the School Board of Philadelphia.

"As I shared in my letter to every member of Council last week, Ms. Wilkerson has been laser focused on ensuring that our District has the resources that are needed to ensure our students’ success. As the District has worked to claw its way back from the devastation of the Corbett


April 8, 2024

PHILADELPHIA-- On Monday afternoon, members of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers were honored to join Vice President Kamala Harris for a roundtable discussion on the Biden-Harris administration's efforts to relieve student debt. In addition to $146 Billion in debt already forgiven, the Biden-Harris administration on Monday proposed additional changes that AFT President Randi Weingarten called "a lifechanging intervention."

Following a thrilling experience for Cramp Elementary students who greeted the Vice President upon her arrival in Philadelphia (and