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January 4, 2022 PHILADELPHIA—"Instead of heeding our call for a 7-day pause on in-person learning to effectively plan for adequate mitigation measures, the District undertook an outrageous eleventh-hour plan that parents and educators alike learned about on social media late last evening. I was stunned yet unsurprised to learn that the list of schools impacted continued to expand until nearly midnight. "This failure to plan left parents, students, and educators scrambling yesterday evening and today. Amidst a 38% positivity rate in the City of Philadelphia, this approach is simply obscene. "At nearly every level, today has been chaotic and entirely untenable. MORE

December 15, 2021

PHILADELPHIA—This evening, PFT President Jerry Jordan and Parkway Northwest Student Destiny Holley joined a virtual town hall on gun violence. The town hall was moderated by AFT President Randi Weingarten and featured the following panelists:

  • Abbey Clements: Teacher survivor of the Sandy Hook School tragedy and gun violence prevention activist
  • Destiny Holley: 11th grade student, Philadelphia
  • Fred Guttenberg: Parent and founder, Orange Ribbons for Gun Safety, Florida
  • Jerry Jordan: President, Philadelphia Federation of Teachers

The town hall was streamed live on PFT's Facebook page

December 15, 2021 ​​​PHILADELPHIA—Today, in a joint hearing of Council's Committees on Finance and Children & Youth, PFT President Jerry Jordan testified about the School District of Philadelphia's ongoing facilities crisis. MORE
November 29, 2021 PHILADELPHIA—"I am outraged and heartsick that during the last several days, we have seen a further intensification of deadly violence in our beloved city. This afternoon, in broad daylight, while waiting for the bus, a young boy of only 14 years old was gunned down. Just yesterday, a 16 year old boy, Kanye Davis, was slain after being shot at least 8 times. Also yesterday, 21 year old Temple student Samuel Sean Collington was gunned down in an attempted robbery. All were students with their whole lives ahead of them, whose families, friends, and communities of loved ones are now left enduring the trauma of their loss. MORE
November 23, 2021 On the ongoing crisis of violence, PFT President Jerry Jordan issued the following statement: PHILADELPHIA—"The level of loss, heartbreak, and of lives stolen and cut short due to the ongoing scourge of violence in Philadelphia is simply horrific. A multi-pronged approach to this emergency is desperately needed, and we need additional supports in our schools to provide needed resources for our young people. MORE
November 19, 2021 PHILADELPHIA—"The Build Back Better act is a really big deal for Philadelphians, for Pennsylvanians, and for the entire nation. Quite frankly, it is a transformative bill that should serve as a very clear indicator that President Biden's agenda is strong, forward thinking, and driven by a deep commitment to bettering the lives of millions of people.  "It is hard to overstate the impact this bill will have on Pennsylvanians. In many ways, it is a culmination of years of advocacy efforts. We have, year after year, fought tirelessly for the programs and services that BBB delivers. And yet, we should also see this as a new beginning-- an opportunity and obligation to do better, to do more, and to press forward.  "I thank the members of the Philadelphia delegation who voted in favor of the bill. Despite Kevin McCarthy's most unhinged efforts to stymie free Pre-K and the entire bill, the will of the people prevailed today. I urge the Senate to immediately consider BBB and swiftly move it to the President's desk. The time is now. MORE