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Jerry Jordan on War in Ukraine; Resources for Students and Staff

Resources for Staff and Students

  • NCTSN: For students impacted by this trauma, explore the resources offered by the National Childhood Traumatic Stress Network. 
  • Health Advocate: We have shared with you that Health Advocate, the new, free benefit from PFTHW offers a host of services for you and your families. Those services include helping you to access mental health resources (including trauma resources). Health Advocate is here to assist. 
  • AFT Trauma Counseling: This free AFT benefit can provide help and healing for our members, whenever needed, wherever a member may be.
  • SDP EAP (Employee Assistance Program): EAP offers counseling, including virtually, as well as offering crisis support.

Additional Resources 3/4/22:

The article notes:

"The growing crisis has also called attention to the fact that marginalized refugees face particular challenges that those who are more privileged don’t. Black Ukrainians have been faced with racism and xenophobia at the borders from Ukrainian border patrol, who are pushing so-called Ukrainian-first policies. And LGBTQ+ Ukrainians fear increased repression from Russia, citing the country’s ban on gay marriage and anti LGBTQ+ 'propaganda' law."

AFT Disaster Relief Fund Update 3/14/22:

The AFT Disaster Relief Fund is used throughout the year to provide support to members and communities directly impacted by a natural or man-made disaster. In the past this has included losses from hurricanes, wildfires flooding and earthquakes.

AFT has been coordinating with the teachers unions in countries that border Ukraine, including Poland, Romania and Slovakia. Through the disaster relief fund, AFT will send money to these unions’ relief efforts. They’re setting up welcome programs in public schools for the children who have fled the horrific Russian invasion. In Poland they’re even caring for refugees in their offices and as of yet, they haven’t received any funds from the government to support the refugees. Eventually AFT hopes to be able to send support to the teachers in Ukraine to open back up the schools after Russia is forced back out of the country.

Every dollar raised goes straight to relief efforts, without taking away any overhead fees. Any money you can give today to the relief effort will directly help efforts to support the refugees. Be sure to select Ukraine in the drop down menu.

Through this link contributions can be made at any time. Options are for credit or debit card or ACH payments via your checking account.



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