Jerry Jordan on Anti-LGBTQIA+ Legislation; Resources for Students and Staff

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This week, we saw the sickening escalation of anti-trans legislation in both Texas and Alabama, as well as the horrid "Don't Say Gay" bill advancing in Florida. These laws seek to codify inhumanity into law. In Pennsylvania, when Philadelphia Representative Martina White introduced an anti-trans sports ban on our youth, we vehemently opposed the bill and will continue to do just that. We saw a similar bill pass in South Dakota just a few weeks ago, and we know that the efforts of Rep. White and her allies are part of a national pattern of hate-fueled legislation that is profoundly unjust and dangerous. Further, we are closely watching for the introduction of any additional discriminatory anti-trans legislation, and will of course be in staunch opposition.

To be very clear: this union will always, always stand up for the very dignity of a human's existence. During this time, I know that our LGBTQIA+ students and staff must be feeling significantly elevated anxiety, and while our commitment cannot assuage it, we will be relentless in our pursuit of justice.

Support for Staff and Students

  • As you look to support your trans and gender non conforming students, I offer this important resource via GLSEN. You will find a number of resources for students and educators.
  • Additional resources via GLSEN.
  • Health Advocate: We have shared with you that Health Advocate, the new, free benefit from PFTHW offers a host of services for you and your families. Those services include helping you to access mental health resources (including trauma resources). Health Advocate is here to assist. 
  • AFT Trauma Counseling: This free AFT benefit can provide help and healing for our members, whenever needed, wherever a member may be.
  • SDP EAP (Employee Assistance Program): EAP offers counseling, including virtually, as well as offering crisis support.