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PFT President Jerry Jordan on PA Republicans' Legislation by Constitutional Amendment

July 8, 2022

PHILADELPHIA—Responding to the PA Senate Republicans' passage of a multi-faceted constitutional amendment bill, including an abortion ban and voter ID regulations, PFT President Jerry Jordan issued the following statement:

"Time and again, the Republican-controlled Pennsylvania legislature has shown us their true character. Today, they did so by carrying out a disgraceful attack on the rights so many of us hold dear. 

"The PA Senate Republicans are working to circumvent the Governor and legislate by constitutional amendment. Their villainous passage of Senate Bill 106 includes a ban on abortion, and it includes racist voter ID provisions. Their agenda has been clear for years. Their cruelty knows no limits. 

"As I outlined in my remarks at the AFL-CIO national convention, safeguarding the right to vote is a fundamental tenet of our democracy. Our collective efforts must be unrelenting in fighting back against this racist attempt at voter suppression.

"Further, as I have shared, efforts to outlaw abortion, all in the name of 'life,' while refusing to fully and equitably invest in our children's futures is a depraved form of irony.

"We urge every State House member of conscience to repudiate this shameful legislation. Further, we reiterate our commitment to fighting tirelessly for a Democratic majority in the General Assembly--this is a fundamental step to ensuring the fundamental rights of every Pennsylvanian. 

"While I am disgusted with what is unfolding in the General Assembly, I remain deeply committed to our unrelenting fight for justice."


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