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PFT President Jerry Jordan on PA Senate Republicans' Eleventh Hour Efforts to Ban Abortion

July 8, 2022

PHILADELPHIA—Responding to the PA Senate Republicans' efforts to ban abortion in the Commonwealth, PFT President Jerry Jordan issued the following statement: 

"I am outraged and disgusted by the nefarious scheme that the PA Senate Republicans are carrying out in the State Capitol. While most of Pennsylvania was asleep last night, Senate Republicans unveiled a last ditch effort to ban abortion in the Commonwealth.

"It is a cruel form of irony to claim to protect ‘life’ while believing that this obligation begins and ends before the birth of a child.

"This maneuver is about power, control, and scoring political points at the expense of women's health. Shame on the Republicans who continue to lead with callous, power-hungry, stop-at-nothing cruelty.

"This union will always stand up for a woman's right to make the healthcare decisions she needs."


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