PFT President Jerry Jordan on the Conviction of Derek Chauvin

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PHILADELPHIA—"Black Lives Matter. Today's verdict is an important step towards justice for George Floyd and a step forward in repairing a deeply broken system. I commend the prosecution, the brave witnesses, and the jurors for their work in seeking justice for George Floyd.
"George Floyd was murdered in cold blood at the hands of former police officers Derek Chauvin and his accomplices. And for that, we've mourned and we've protested. And we will continue to do so--because no matter the verdict, Mr. Floyd is still gone, and his family still wakes up each day without their beloved father, son, partner, friend.
"In the wake of the murder of George Floyd, the PFT lifted up our fight for Black Lives in our Five Principles of Racial Justice. The murder of George Floyd is a feature, not a bug, of a deeply inequitable society and a deeply racist society.
"Racism is so deep seated in our society that sitting in your apartment, that walking down the street, that driving with a broken tail light--can be death sentences at the hands of the police.
"Racism is so deep seated that our society deems school funding as negotiable in Districts that educate primarily Black and brown children. We live in a society where it's acceptable for Black and brown children to become ill from toxins in their school buildings; a society where it's acceptable that access to guidance counselors, to librarians, and to support staff are viewed as expendable.
"So while the conviction of Derek Chauvin is a step towards justice, let us never, ever forget that so many of the systems of oppression and inequity are firmly in place. Our union will continue our fight for racial justice."