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June 4, 2021


To: Members of the General Assembly

From: Jerry Jordan 

Re: Updated Legislative Positions

PHILADELPHIA—The Philadelphia Federation of Teachers today issued a report outlining an updated scope of the facilities crisis along with urgently needed solutions.
The toxic schools crisis in Philadelphia and across the commonwealth is emblematic of just how profoundly the deep seated, systemically racist underfunding of our schools has impacted our students.
Our young people, the majority of whom are Black and brown and experiencing poverty, have had to endure conditions that would never, ever be tolerated in wealthier, whiter school districts.
Check for our endorsement of Larry Krasner for DA as well as additional updates on judicial races and ballot questions.

PFT Building Representatives Ethel Peterson-Johnson (Bregy), Charlotte McCracken (Bache Martin), Sharahn Santana (Parkway NW), Anna Phelan (OEC), and Political Liaison Kate Sundeen (Palumbo) testified at April 28th's Council hearing on the American Rescue Plan. They focused on priorities for allocating rescue plan funding, emphasizing facilities invesetments, mental health support, and investing in resources and supplies. 

Their testimony was powerful and led to important conversation with Committee Chair Councilmember Maria Quiñones-Sánchez. 

Read their powerful testimony below:

Ethel Peterson

PHILADELPHIA—Today, at a City Council Committee on Education hearing, PFT President Jerry Jordan delivered testimony outlining the results of a community survey on education spending priorities for the more than $1Billion influx of funds for the School District of Philadelphia.

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PHILADELPHIA—"Black Lives Matter. Today's verdict is an important step towards justice for George Floyd and a step forward in repairing a deeply broken system. I commend the prosecution, the brave witnesses, and the jurors for their work in seeking justice for George Floyd.
"George Floyd was murdered in cold blood at the hands of former police officers Derek Chauvin and his accomplices. And for that, we've mourned and we've protested. And we will continue to do so--because no matter the verdict, Mr. Floyd is still gone, and his family still wakes up each day without their beloved father, son, partner, friend.