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At a time when remote learning continues for the majority of our students, this hearing is a timely and important opportunity to share some of our insight into virtual learning and the challenges our students and educators have faced throughout the pandemic.

Read our remarks:

PHILADELPHIA—"We continue to emphasize the importance of an ongoing, trackable database of positive COVID-19 cases in buildings, and have made this ask of the District. The temporary closure of Gideon Elementary's building is the right decision because it will help stop the spread of this virus--but it is very troubling. This is the second closure of a school building in just a few short weeks." MORE

The American Rescue Plan is a critical lifeline which will have huge, longlasting impacts. Learn more about its impacts for the country, for PA, and for the School District (over $1B) below, and complete this survey to let us know how you think the funding should be spent.

Federal Overview

Read more about the federal overview here.

Pennsylvania Specific Funding

Download PA's Factsheet right here.

How will the ARP impact the School District of Philadelphia?

The School District is slated to receive over one BILLION in one time funding. This huge influx of funding should incorporate community input


"This union has always followed the science in our recommendations and requirements around COVID mitigation. That was true yesterday and remains true today. We look forward to reviewing the studies that led to the change in the CDC guidance regarding social distancing regulations.


PHILADELPHIA—"My heart is heavy in the wake of the murder of eight people in the mass shooting in Georgia. The loss of life, including the lives of six Asian women, is sickening and deeply tragic. On behalf of Philadelphia's educators, I send my deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of those who were murdered.

PHILADELPHIA—"Our agreement to allow a return to school buildings is based on adherence to a stringent set of protocol. We have been, and continue to, hold the District accountable to adhering to these critical health and safety protocol.