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Philadelphia Federation of Teachers Endorses Shapiro for Governor

The PFT Executive Board voted unanimously in favor of endorsing Josh Shapiro for Governor.

PHILADELPHIA—In a vote Tuesday evening, PFT's Executive Board voted unanimously to endorse Attorney General Josh Shapiro in his candidacy for Governor: 

"The PFT's Executive Board, duly elected by the entire membership, represents more than 13,000 members of the PFT. In reviewing an endorsement request from Attorney General Shapiro, the Board unanimously voted to support his candidacy for Governor. As a body, the Board believes that Attorney General Shapiro's candidacy represents a critical inflection point not only for public education, but also for democracy as a whole. 

Endorsement quote from PFT President Jerry T. Jordan: "As Governor, Josh Shapiro will be a steadfast partner in our collective fight for a better tomorrow."
"On the endorsement, PFT President Jerry T. Jordan said, 'Every time our educators and students walk in to underfunded classrooms, they are living the consequence of a political decision. It's exactly why this union has invested both time and resources into electing leaders that recognize the moral imperative they have to fight for a more equitable system of public education. Josh Shapiro recognizes the absolute urgency of this fight, and as both State Representative and Attorney General, he has consistently advocated for increased and more equitable funding and resources.'

"Jordan continued, 'As Governor, Josh Shapiro will be a steadfast partner in our collective fight for a better tomorrow. Our Executive Board recognizes the importance of this moment, and their unanimous vote in favor of Josh Shapiro for Governor is a testament to the importance of this race. The candidates on the right are hell-bent on destroying public education, on destroying labor unions, and on destroying democracy. At least one candidate was deeply involved in the January 6th racist, deadly insurrection. The stakes simply could not be higher.'

"On the endorsement, Academic Coach and PFT Associate Secretary Trina Dean said, 'Day in and day out, educators are working tirelessly to educate, encourage, and support our young people. But our schools are shortchanged because of a decades-long underfunding of public education. Josh Shapiro is committed to addressing the deep-seated inequities in our education funding. I look forward to working hard with my colleagues across the PFT to ensure that Josh Shapiro is our next Governor.'

"Arts Academy at Rush English teacher and PFT Executive Board Member Sonny Bavaro agreed, noting, 'Our students deserve safe and healthy schools where they can grow and thrive. Josh Shapiro recognizes that our future will be defined in no small part by how we show up for our students now--and that means showing up with the resources and services they need. That's why I joined my Executive Board colleagues and cast an enthusiastic yes vote for Josh Shapiro for Governor.'

"PFT President Jerry T. Jordan concluded, 'Our fight for the future of public education is relentless, and one of the most critical places where we can flex our collective muscle is at the ballot box. This election will set the stage for the future of public education, and that's exactly why we're all in for Josh Shapiro for Governor.'"

Endoresement quote from PFT Associate Secretary Trina Dean
Endoresement quote from PFT Executive Board Member Sonny Bavaro
Endoresement quote from PFT Executive Board Member Ivey Welshans
Endoresement quote from PFT Executive Board Member LeVella Montgomery


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