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Member Message Regarding PA House's Ongoing Outrageous Efforts to Impeach Twice-Elected DA Larry Krasner

November 15, 2022

Dear PFT Members:

Today, the PA State House Judiciary Committee furthered their efforts to impeach the twice elected District Attorney of Philadelphia Larry Krasner, passing this wrongheaded legislation through the Judiciary Committee.

I've shared our opposition to this stunt with you a number of times, and I write today to urge you to call your State Senator and State Representative to urge them to repudiate this charade and get down to the business of governing. 

Here are two of my recent statements on this effort:

As I said in September, and it holds true now: What we saw unfold in the PA House was nothing short of a disgrace. To know that the Pennsylvania state legislature is prioritizing disingenuous theatrics instead of addressing real issues facing residents of this commonwealth is simply reprehensible. And let’s be clear, yesterday’s outrageous decision to hold DA Krasner in contempt was an egregious extension of an ongoing effort to wrestle control from a progressive District Attorney who is seeking to not only address the real crises we are facing in our city but to do so in a fair and equitable manner.

Please call your State Representative and State Senator TODAY and urge them to say NO to the efforts to impeach Larry Krasner. Find your elected officials' contact information right here.

In Solidarity,


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