Reopening Reports and Updates

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May 26, 2020


PA Senate Dems Policy Committee hearing

PFT President Jerry Jordan, AFTPA President Arthur Steinberg, and PFT building representatives Keith Pretlow and Charlotte McCracken participated in a PA Senate Dems Policy Committee hearing on the safe reopening of school buildings.

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Recent Survey on Reopening

Since the release of our prior report, three major factors have shifted the trajectory of reopening efforts: Virus Trajectory, The District’s Plan, and Lack of Funding.


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Recent Testimony on Reopening

"While the decision for buildings to remain closed is painful, it is entirely warranted. It will save lives. We have said from the start that reopening must be rooted in science."

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Reopening Requirements

Critical steps that must be implemented as we consider the reopening of school buildings in Philadelphia.

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The Philadelphia Inquirer: Op-Ed by Jerry Jordan on Reopening

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Jerry Jordan to the Board of Education

"Students and staff cannot be asked to jeopardize their lives and the lives of their families by passively accepting a plan that is, as it is currently written, entirely insufficient and lacks absolutely non-negotiable safeguards."

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Member-Wide Surveys on Reopening

Over the course of the COVD-19 crisis, we have undertaken three memberwide surveys: one on remote learning and two on reopening models. We are currently engaged in our fourth survey, also on reopening. The reports below reflect 12,000 member survey responses regarding reopening.



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