PFT Protests Overturning of Roe V. Wade

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June 2022

PFT joined the city and nation in outrage at SCOTUS' decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.  As PFT President Jerry shared in his statement following the disgraceful ruling denying women the healthcare they need, "Banning abortions will not stop abortions. But it will make abortion unsafe and illegal. It means that women experiencing poverty, especially Black and brown women, will be especially vulnerable amidst an already rigged system." Jordan continued, "Before our eyes, we are watching the horror of a group of right-wing extremists hurtling our nation rapidly towards authoritarianism. Let's be very clear: when Republicans talk about freedom, when they talk about the sanctity of life, when they talk about individual rights, they mean for white, cisgender men."

The urgency of the governor's race is even more pronounced in the wake of this ruling. Not only that, we must continue to organize, protest, and work to flip the state legislature.

Jerry Jordan's full statement on the decision here.

Some of PFT's social media posts on the protest and the decision: