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PFT President Jerry T. Jordan Joins Solar for Schools Coalition Event

April 18, 2024

This morning in City Council, Councilmembers Gilmore Richardson and Gauthier introduced a resolution in support of Representative Elizabeth Fiedler's Solar for Schools legislation. 

PFT President Jerry Jordan's remarks are below and linked here.

Solar for Schools

Good Morning, and it is a good morning—when we have both our city and state leaders united in a cause that will better the future for all of us, and most importantly for our children.

  • I am going to be brief this morning, because no one should really need convincing that this program is a winning one.

Thank you, Representative Fiedler, for your relentless leadership in moving forward the Solar for School legislation, which is a solution-driven program that helps put a dent in what some say are insurmountable concerns: 

  • the school facilities crisis, 
  • and more broadly, the climate crisis. 

But this perseverance, this fortitude, demonstrates that in fact, there’s nothing that we cannot do when we are committed–collectively–to getting it done. 

  • And that’s why I am also so grateful to Councilmembers Gauthier and Gilmore Richardson for bringing this resolution before City Council today. 
  • Having elected officials in all branches of government standing shoulder to shoulder with advocates demanding real solutions is incredibly impactful. 

Here’s the bottom line: 

  • Solar for Schools is good for kids. 
  • It’s good for school staff. 
  • It’s good for our city. 
  • It’s good for our Commonwealth. 
  • And quite frankly, it can be a model for a national move to really tackle some of the serious challenges we face.

This is exactly what our national union, the AFT, means when we talk about Real Solutions for Kids. This is just that.

I am grateful to everyone standing here today, and to everyone involved in moving this forward. Thank you.


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