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PFT President Jerry Jordan Urges House Vote on Build Back Better, Infrastructure Bills

November 3, 2021

PHILADELPHIA—"The President's agenda has been clear since day one: historic, transformative investments in programs and services that make a difference in people's lives. The framework for President Biden's Build Back Better plan, paired with the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework, is a down payment on that plan.

"The time to vote on the Build Back Better plan is now.

"In Pennsylvania, passage of the BBB plan means real, tangible investments in programs for children and families that we have been fighting for for years: 

  • Childcare for over 730,000 children up to age five 
  • Free, quality preschool for an additional 204,000 children
  • Extension and expansion of Child Tax Credit for hundreds of thousands of children

"The program does not stop there. It is a massive expansion of affordable healthcare, an investment in affordable housing, and a potentially transformative investment in tackling the urgent issue of climate change. Further, we urge the House to add back in the much needed paid leave provisions.

"Quite simply, the House has a clear job to do right now, and it is to vote on this bill in tandem with the infrastructure bill. 

"And immediately upon its passage, it is incumbent upon the Biden administration and Congress to work to address what the bill does not include. The recalcitrance of a small number of Democratic Senators has been frustrating to say the least. Specifically, the bill neglects to incorporate one of the top issues for this union: investment in school infrastructure. The fight does not stop here. 

"Make no mistake: Build Back Better is an historic investment, and the time for its passage is now. I applaud the President and the members of Congress who have been championing the inclusion of transformative investments in this legislation. I look forward to continuing the fight for a better, more equitable tomorrow."


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