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PFT President Jerry Jordan on Saturday's mass shooting in Philadelphia and the ongoing crisis of gun violence

June 5, 2022

"The ongoing devastation wrought by gun violence is simply too much to bear. I am sick and enraged over last night’s mass shooting in Philadelphia that left three lives cut short and countless others forever changed. The time for action on gun reform is long overdue. Shame on every single politician who sits on their hands while this catastrophic violence continues.

"The daily toll this deadly crisis takes is unconscionable. In addition to Saturday night’s mass shooting that stole the lives of three people and injured at least eleven more, our city has endured at least nine additional shootings this weekend, leaving eight injured and one person dead. I mourn for the pregnant woman whose life was stolen from her, and think of the impact her death will have on her child whose life was saved.

"My thoughts--which are wholly insufficient-- are with the victims, their families, and with every person forever impacted by the ongoing horror of gun violence."


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