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PFT President Jerry Jordan Expresses Solidarity with 32BJ SEIU Members After Their Strike Vote, Urges Swift Settlement of a Fair Contract for Workers

August 22, 2022

Following 32BJ SEIU's  strike authorization vote, and amidst their ongoing contract negotiations, PFT President Jerry Jordan issued the following statement of support:

PHILADELPHIA—"The Philadelphia Federation of Teachers stands united in solidarity with our union siblings at 32BJ SEIU as they work towards the settlement of a fair contract in advance of its August 31st expiration. 

"From custodial staff to bus drivers, the members of 32BJ SEIU work tirelessly each day to keep our schools running, and they are an essential part of school communities. They should be recognized with a contract that reflects the critical work they do each day. This includes increased pay, and it includes meeting the working conditions outlined in their proposals. For example, amidst an ongoing facilities crisis, it only makes sense that 32BJ SEIU members receive training on identification of asbestos and other environmental hazards. 

"In 2012, facing the threat of layoffs, 32BJ SEIU members in the School District not only went without a raise in their settlement--but they took a significant pay cut. It is time to show our union siblings the respect they deserve by paying them fair wages. 

"We urge the swift settlement of a fair contract before students return to buildings. Quite simply: schools cannot, and will not, operate without the hard-working members of 32BJ SEIU."

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