PFT President Jerry Jordan on Domestic Terrorism in DC

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PFT News Release: Philadelphia Federation of Teachers - Jerry T. Jordan, President

January 6, 2021

PHILADELPHIA— In response to the coup attempt in Washington, D.C., PFT President Jerry Jordan issued the following statement:

Graphic of quote from PFT President Jerry Jordan. Text is the same as on the page.

“I’m disgusted and sickened by the domestic terrorism unfolding at the US Capitol. In an extraordinarily dangerous and volatile situation, a group of primarily white seditionists are attempting a coup, and this disgraceful display speaks so profoundly to how broken our society is.

“Let me be very clear: this is a day that was enabled and encouraged by a racist bigot who for the last four years has occupied the White House. And it’s a day that was enabled by every single person who was complicit in his reprehensible presidency and the racist systems that emboldened his rise to power.

“I can’t help but compare the juxtaposition of the police response to the terrorists today to their response to Black Lives Matter protests. While Black Lives Matter protestors were beaten, tear gassed, and handcuffed with little regard for their very humanity, let alone their right to peacefully protest, the terrorists today were, for hours, seemingly welcomed with open arms. The difference in response is jarring and emblematic of the deep seated racism that permeates every facet of our society.

“In a few short days, under Democratic control, President Elect Biden must meet this moment, and along with both the House and Senate, lead in a bold way that will help heal this nation and govern in a way that brings forth much needed change.”