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PFT President Jerry Jordan, Collective Bargaining (CB) Team Win Re-election

February 26, 2020

With roughly 60% of the vote, the members of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers have re-elected Jerry Jordan and the entire CB Team to continue to represent them. Today’s contest decided the Executive Board, PFT delegates to the AFT convention, and the AFT-PA convention.

PHILADELPHIA— “My entire team and I are delighted to have been re-elected to serve the PFT membership. Our nearly 13,000 members are passionate, dedicated, and engaged, and working with them daily is one of the great honors of my life. I thank each and every member who participated in this election by engaging in important dialogue, talking to colleagues, and voting.

“The campaign was spirited, and it allowed us the opportunity to organize around a vision for public education that resonated with our membership. Our vision, and indeed our entire platform, is member-driven and reflective of the values that our educators hold dear. Together with the members of the PFT, the CB Team’s leadership has worked relentlessly to shift the anti-public education narrative that has recently swept the nation and permeated all levels of government. Philadelphia’s educators laid the groundwork for the national rebuttal against austerity. Every step of the way, the CB team has been at the forefront of the fightback–and the fight forward.

“Our team now has the opportunity to continue our push towards a better future. We’re deeply committed to continuing to fight for the schools our educators and students deserve. The stakes are incredibly high–the future of our city, our state, and our nation rely on society’s collective commitment to investing in and prioritizing public education. The PFT, under the CB Team’s leadership, is well poised to lead the charge in Philadelphia. Our fight continues.”

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