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Jerry Jordan on Mcclure Closure Following Elevated Asbestos Levels

Photo: School District of Philadelphia headquarters

For Immediate Release


Overnight asbestos sampling results at McClure came back elevated.

PHILADELPHIA–“Upon the discovery of the protocol breach and failure to properly manage a dangerous asbestos contamination condition at McClure Elementary, the Federation emphatically stated that we were unable to assure the McClure community of the environmental safety of the building. Early yesterday morning, we conveyed our concerns to the McClure staff and reported to the school for further discussion.

“Indeed, overnight test results that came back this morning yielded elevated levels of asbestos, indicating that our concerns and outrage were absolutely warranted. Our recommendations are borne out of decades of experience. Our Director of Environmental Science has been one of the preeminent experts in his field for decades. Our recommendations yesterday were not made out of an overabundance of caution. They were made based on science.

“Throughout the day, and indeed throughout the crisis at McClure and a number of other schools, the process that is continually insisted upon by the Federation is maligned and called into question time and again by District officials. Yesterday, the District released a statement stating that they were ‘unclear as to why the PFT continues to ask questions.’ This statement is a disgraceful representation of the utter disregard for the scientifically and indeed morally sound process that we have continued to insist upon. The next steps at McClure must include further evaluation and assessment before sampling begins.

“Let me be clear: what has unfolded over the last several days at McClure and at Carnell is an egregious disregard for the safety of our school communities. I am disgusted with the District’s ongoing refusal to adhere to our recommendations. I will not allow this sham of a process to continue, and will have further updates on our legal course of action in short order.”

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