Jerry Jordan on Emergency Closing of Anna B. Pratt

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November 19, 2019

Pratt Elementary School

The District will close the school and relocate students and staff after the PFT’s discovery of dangerously high asbestos levels.

PHILADELPHIA–“The PFT is glad that the District is following our recommendation that all students and staff be moved from the Pratt Early Childhood Center until the asbestos in the building has been abated.

“When the PFT Health & Welfare Fund discovered alarmingly high asbestos levels in the school on November 12, we immediately shared our comprehensive report with the District, emphasizing that it was unsafe for children and school staff to occupy the building. The District properly moved forward with a temporary relocation plan to ensure everyone’s safety. While this is an unwelcome disruption of the school year, the long-term health of our schoolchildren and educators is well worth the temporary inconvenience.

“The PFT will continue to work closely with the District on proper remediation procedures at Pratt and look forward to returning the children and our members to a school that is safe, clean and healthy.”

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