PFT Members Testify at City Council Hearing on American Rescue Plan

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PFT Building Representatives Ethel Peterson-Johnson (Bregy), Charlotte McCracken (Bache Martin), Sharahn Santana (Parkway NW), Anna Phelan (OEC), and Political Liaison Kate Sundeen (Palumbo) testified at April 28th's Council hearing on the American Rescue Plan. They focused on priorities for allocating rescue plan funding, emphasizing facilities invesetments, mental health support, and investing in resources and supplies. 

Their testimony was powerful and led to important conversation with Committee Chair Councilmember Maria Quiñones-Sánchez. 

Read their powerful testimony below:

Ethel Peterson-Johnson: Click here

Charlotte McCracken: Click here

Sharahn Santana: Click here

Anna Phelan: Click here

Kate Sundeen: Click here 


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