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Legislative Memo: Opposition to EITC Expansion

July 7, 2022

To: Members of the General Assembly

From: Jerry T. Jordan, President

Re: Opposition to EITC (Voucher) Expansion

No matter the form, vouchers harm public schools. Whether in the form of EITC (Educational Improvement Tax Credit) expansion, ESA (Education Savings Accounts) creation, or any other mechanism, vouchers siphon money from traditional public schools without any fiscal, operational, administrative, or academic performance accountability or transparency.

We are opposed to any education bill that incorporates voucher expansion into an already over-funded program.

Schools receiving EITC funding, despite being paid with taxpayer money, may (and do) refuse to enroll, or restrict enrollment of, students for virtually any reason, including religious affiliation, disability, discipline, or academic history. Instead of working to identify ways that the legislature can live up to its constitutional obligation to fully and fairly fund public education, EITC and any form of vouchers sets the stage for another corporate giveaway and an inequitable distribution of resources. Read more on our opposition to vouchers here.

Download this memo here.

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