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Member Message on the Devastation of Gun Violence

Dear Members,

Like all of you, I can't stop thinking about the 19 students and 2 teachers who went to school yesterday in Uvalde, Texas and never returned home. Because of an eighteen year old with guns, so many lives are forever shattered, and I know you join me in holding the parents, siblings, families, and entire Uvalde community in your hearts.

As I shared in a brief statement yesterday, this level of catastrophic gun violence that continues to tear families apart is simply too much to bear. 

Just eleven days ago, in Buffalo, New York, a white supremacist with access to guns targeted and terrorized a predominantly Black community, and in his racist massacre took ten innocent lives. I released this statement then, and am shocked and yet unfortunately not surprised that once again, our nation is responding to what should be an unthinkable tragedy.

As you grapple with these devastating events, you may wish to use some of these resources:

It is unconscionable that this nation, day after day, continues to be paralyzed by a refusal to act on commonsense gun safety measures. I urge you to read more about HR8 (background checks) here

We have shared these resources with you before, but I want to share them once again:

  • AFT Trauma Counseling: This free AFT benefit can provide help and healing for our members, whenever needed, wherever a member may be.
  • SDP EAP (Employee Assistance Program): EAP offers counseling, including virtually, as well as offering crisis support.
  • Health Advocate: Health Advocate, the new, free benefit from PFTHW offers a host of services for you and your families.

I am grateful for how you support our students every day.

In Solidarity,


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