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Round up of some deals and freebies for Teacher Appreciation Week 2022:

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Additional deals: 

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A message from Jerry:

Day in and day out, you work tirelessly to bring your best to our young people. You inspire, challenge, and celebrate our students each day. Amidst a global pandemic, you persisted and never stopped giving your all for the students you teach. Amidst challenges and struggles, you never stop seeing the joy in our profession. Re


April 27, 2022

Thank you, administrative professionals, for all you do in our schools and offices every day! Your work is greatly appreciated.


April 6, 2022

We are so grateful to PFT's amazing paraprofessionals for their tireless work each and every day. Paraprofessionals are a critical part of our school communities, and an integral part of our union.


April 7, 2022

PHILADELPHIA--"I am simply thrilled that the US Senate has voted to confirm a remarkable jurist, Justice-designate Ketanji Brown Jackson, as the next justice of the United States Supreme Court. Our country will be better off with Justice Brown Jackson on the bench of the Supreme Court.

"Justice-designate Brown Jackson is immensely qualified, and her confirmation represents an historic moment. Representation matters, and diversity is strength.

"For so many Black Americans, particularly women, this day, when the first Black woman is confirmed to the Supreme Court, is especially


April 5, 2022

This afternoon, Representative Elizabeth Fiedler hosted a policy committee hearing on the topic of Toxic Schools. The hearing took place at the Seafarers Union Hall in Rep. Fiedler's 184th District.

PFT environmental scientist Jerry Roseman presented testimony on the ongoing facilities crisis. He joined Dr. Akira Drake Rodriguez, Assistant Professor, University of Pennslyvania Weitzman School of Design; Iggy Fletcher, Instructor, ATEI IBEW Local 98; and Edy Lai, 9th grader at Furness High School.

Prepared testimony can be accessed here.

Read a thread from the hearing right here.



April 5, 2022

In response to the murder of 15-year-old Juan Carlos Robles-Corana, and the separate shooting that critically injured a 13 year old, PFT President Jerry Jordan issued the following statement:

PHILADELPHIA—"My heart breaks for the Duckrey school community, and especially for the family and loved ones of Juan Carlos Robles-Corana, just 15 years old, who was killed on his way home from school. Our students, our families, and our communities deserve so much more than to live with the constant fear of gun violence. I would be remiss not to include that a 13 year old boy remains in