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February 18, 2023

"I am horrified to learn of the fatal shooting of a Temple University police officer [Christopher Fitzgerald] this evening. The catastrophic, relentless devastation of gun violence is unbearable. I am so sorry for [Officer Ftizgerald], his family, and all impacted by tonight's tragedy.

"It is well past time for meaningful, systemic gun reform. As we mourn for this officer and his loved ones, we must organize and act in order to stop this horrific crisis."



Officer Fitzgerald's name was added to this statment after his identity was released.

February 7, 2023 PHILADELPHIA-- "Today's victory is years in the making, and in many ways a culmination of our fight for equitably funded public education-- and in many ways just a beginning. I am beyond elated that the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania recognized what we have said for decades: Pennsylvania's system of funding public education fails to meet its constitutional requirement to provide every child in our Commonwealth with a thorough and efficient system of public education.  "I offer my deep gratitude to the brave plaintiffs and their attorneys who put forth an irrefutable case-- a case rooted in the deep inhumanity of decades of disinvestment in our young people and communities. The work of Public Interest Law Center and Education Law Center PA is unparalleled. MORE
January 27, 2023 "Today and every day since we learned of the brutal murder of Tyre Nichols at the hands of Memphis police, he and his family and loved ones have been on my mind. "As the nation braces for the release of what, by all accounts, is a simply horrific video, I know it stirs up many emotions. Today, Tyre Nichols' mother, RowVaughn Wells, asked a very poignant question: 'Where was the humanity?' "Mrs. Wells talked about the love Tyre had for her, the impact of the loss on her family, and also noted, 'People try to say Black people only try to go after white officers. That's not true. We don't care what color the officer is. We want bad officers taken off the force.' "Today, and every day, Black Lives Matter." MORE
January 23, 2023 This afternoon, after completing a lengthy endorsement process, which included opportunities for every member to vote on an endorsement as well as a Mayoral forum to hear from candidates, PFT President Jerry Jordan hosted a news conference at Heston Elementary School to announce the results. Jordan enthusiastically announced the union's overwhelming support for Helen Gym. Jordan was joined by Heston's staff, and Building Representative Lenora Howard delivered powerful remarks and introduced our candidate for Mayor. Helen Gym spoke about what the endorsement means to her and the work ahead.  Jordan's prepared remarks are below and linked here.  A playback of the event, with remarks by Heston Building Representative Lenora Howard and Mayoral candidate Helen Gym can be viewed here. MORE
January 23, 2023 "Again and again and again. Tonight, it’s Half Moon Bay enduring what should be unthinkable but is all too common in our nation. "We mourn for the seven lives so cruelly cut short, for all those they leave behind, and for all impacted by this horrific mass shooting. MORE
January 22, 2023 "A night of celebration in Monterey Park--at a dance club after a nearby Lunar New Year celebration--turned into a scene of horror and devastation, and families are now left shattered. "The shooting in Monterey Park, leaving at least ten dead and ten more injured, marks another catastrophic mass shooting that has become all too common in our nation. MORE