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Join us as we partner with PHA at two fun back to school events!


August 19, 11am-2pm | Lucien E. Blackwell Community Center

August 20, 11am-2pm | Vaux High School

Please share these flyers with your school communities!

Download the Blackwell Community Center Flyer right here.

Download the Vaux High School Flyer right here.

This morning, PFT President Jerry Jordan offers written testimony to the PA House Democratic Policy Committee on a safe and healthy back to school for students and staff. In it, Jordan outlines key mitigation measures that must be in place and broader issues of infrastructure and funding that underscore so much of the work we do each day. In his testimony, Jordan identifies key areas of concern MORE
PHILADELPHIA—"We continue to look forward to a full reopening of in person instruction in the fall. From a cursory review of the new CDC guidance, the PFT is encouraged that the guidance not only recognizes the importance of local decision making but also recognizes the importance of continued mitigation measures. These measures include but are not limited to adequate ventilation, testing, and mask use for unvaccinated individuals.
"This union remains committed to ensuring a full, five day a week, in person program for all of our young people. And we are committed to ensuring that it


This afternoon, PFT President Jerry Jordan shared the following with PFT members:

Dear PFT Members,

Our fight for fair and equitable education funding continues. And this year's budget, finished by the State Legislature last evening, did very little to get us there. It was a woefully inadequate budget that, amidst a $10B surplus in the state's coffers, passed up this potentially once in a lifetime opportunity to make serious investment in public education.

Instead, elected officials decided to put more money in their coffers to save for a 'rainy day.' This is an abject failure, and to call

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PHILADELPHIA—This afternoon, PFT President Jerry Jordan issued an updated legislative memo in response to the woefully inadequate "School Code" bill under consideration in Harrisburg.
President Jordan wrote, in part, "The PFT is deeply disappointed and concerned about the myriad failures in the current school code bill (SB381 A02135). This bill is, quite simply, shameful."

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To: Members of the PA State Senate

From: Jerry Jordan



The PFT is deeply disappointed and concerned about the myriad failures in the current school code bill (SB381 A02135). This bill is, quite simply, shameful. 


It’s shameful in what it does, and it is shameful in what it does not do.