PFT Pres Jerry Jordan on Governor’s $1B Facilities Announcement

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Photo: Governor Wolf and PFT announcing plan


January 29, 2020

The Governor today put forth an ambitious plan of action to secure $1 Billion in funding for asbestos and lead remediation.

PHILADELPHIA- “Today’s announcement by Governor Wolf is a long-awaited and important step forward in our fight for facilities investments. The PFT has led the charge in advocating for substantive action to comprehensively address the humanitarian crisis that our educators and the students they teach are enduring each day.

“We established the Fund Our Facilities Coalition and coalesced behind a need for $170 Million to address some of the most urgent issues. In October, thirty-two coalition partners from all levels of government, labor leaders, and community partners signed this joint letter to the Governor reiterating the need for action.

“The Governor’s proposal to open RCAP applications to lead and asbestos remediation to the tune of $1Billion has enormous potential. I am extremely encouraged that the Governor is taking our voices seriously and has developed a plan to bring relief.

“While the Federation is absolutely in support of this plan, we will also continue to relentlessly pursue immediate relief. We urge the Governor to declare a state of emergency in our schools and utilize the rainy day fund to address the daily crisis that we are facing. This is a ‘both-and’ scenario. We need the bold RCAP proposal to move forward, and we need immediate relief.

“Today’s announcement is a direct reflection of the tireless advocacy of my members and our coalition partners. And we won’t stop pushing for large scale action, so that our educators and young people no longer have to put their health and safety on the line so they can work and learn each day.”

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Photo: Governor Wolf and PFT announcing plan

Photo: Governor Wolf and PFT announcing plan

Photo: Governor Wolf and PFT announcing plan