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Write to elected leaders about upcoming legislation that impacts our schoolchildren and working families!

Tax the Shale. Fund the Schools.

The State Budget is passed. With a $32 Billion caveat: there’s not yet a way to pay for it.

The Senate and House went home last week without addressing this fundamental issue, but we have a solution: TAX. THE. SHALE. Pennsylvania is the ONLY state to allow the natural gas severance to go untaxed, despite bipartisan support for a tax. The Republican leadership in the House and Senate must allow for a shale tax to proceed.

We have been calling for a tax on the lucrative Marcellus Shale for a number of years, and now is the time to do it!

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Tell Your State Legislators to Vote NO on SB 227

The School Code legislation, as it currently exists, SB 227 PN 1087, is an attack on educators, collective bargaining, and funding for traditional public schools.

As noted in Jerry Jordan’s memo to the PA General Assembly, SB 227, the omnibus school code bill, contains extremely destructive attacks on collective bargaining rights and seniority. It also allows an additional $20 million per year to be siphoned from public schools.

Tell your State Senator and Representative to vote NO on this bill!

HB 97 Goes BACK to the PA House. Keep the Pressure on Harrisburg! Write to Your Representative TODAY!

UPDATE: By a Slim Margin (26-23), The PA Senate passed HB 97 [Click here to see how your PA Senator voted]

Because the bill was amended in the Senate, it now goes BACK to the House. We MUST keep the pressure on, and encourage our State Representatives to VOTE NO on HB97!

HB 97 falls well short of addressing many of the critical academic and funding issues that govern charter schools in the Commonwealth. This bill massively expands the charter school footprint in Pennsylvania, while diminishing transparency and accountability to taxpayers.

Tell Your State Representative to Vote NO on SB 756!

While  it’s promoted as the elimination of Keystone Exams, SB 756 in fact has significantly wider reaching–and damaging–implications. SB 756 replaces the Keystone Exams with the perhaps equally flawed PSAT.

Additionally, the bill creates the following adjustments to teacher evaluation measures:

  • Reduction of observation weight from 50% to 40%.
  • Increase in weight of standardized test results to 20% (from 15%).
  • Increase in weight of district specific requirements (such as extremely flawed Value Added Measures) to 30% (from 15%).
  • Removal of building level data evaluation (from 15%).
  • Implementation of parent/student surveys (to 10%).

PFT President Jerry Jordan tells legislators: “SB 756 moves us in the wrong direction in terms of teacher evaluation. Instead of addressing the significant problems with Act 82, the bill instead puts more weight on standardized tests in evaluating educators.”

Tell Your State Representative to Reject HB1495.

This bill permits economic terminations for tenured faculty (no regard for seniority), and it prohibits public school districts and any union representing their professional employees from bargaining over or agreeing to a different system. This effectively amends Act 195 for public school teachers, and would prevent unions and districts from discussing layoffs when bargaining new contracts.

This bill is another attempt by legislators to circumvent efforts to address the issue of unequal school funding, and malign Pennsylvania’s educators. 

Legislative Memo to Harrisburg – June 2017

*NEW* Click here to read Jerry Jordan’s memo to the PA General Assembly in favor of legislation to place an extraction tax on Marcellus Shale drilling. Click here to read Jerry Jordan’s memo to the

Click here to read Jerry Jordan’s memo to the PA General Assembly in opposition to SB 227

Click here to read Jerry Jordan’s memo to the PA House in opposition to HB 97 (as passed by the PA Senate)

Click here to read Jerry Jordan’s memo to the PA Senate in opposition to HB 97 (charter school “reform”)

Click here to read Jerry Jordan’s memo in opposition to SB 383 (guns in schools)

Click here to read Jerry Jordan’s memo to the PA General Assembly on PFT’s opposition to SB 756

Click here to read the latest memo from Jerry Jordan to the PA General Assembly outlining the PFT’s opposition to, or support of the following legislation:

  • Governor’s $100M increase in basic education funding: SUPPORT
  • Governor’s $100M increase in special education funding: SUPPORT
  • SB 76 [Elimination of property taxes]: OPPOSED
  • SB 166 [Paycheck deception]: OPPOSED
  • SB 167 [Paycheck deception]: OPPOSED
  • SB 168 [Open bargaining]: OPPOSED
  • SB 228 [Economic furlough]: OPPOSED
  • SB 229 [Elimination of guaranteed sick leave for educators]: OPPOSED
  • SB 383 [Guns in schools]: OPPOSED
  • SB 555 [Fair share tax plan]: SUPPORT
  • SB 756 [Evaluation changes]: OPPOSED
  • SB 777 [Shale tax; pending introduction]: SUPPORT
  • HB 97 [Charter ‘reform’]: OPPOSED
  • HB 164 [Prohibition of union leave]: OPPOSED
  • HB 250 [EITC expansion]: OPPOSED
  • HB 438 [Liquor privatization]: OPPOSED
  • HB 857 [Amends private academic schools out]: OPPOSED
  • HB 991 [Liquor privatization]: OPPOSED
  • HB 975 [Liquor privatization]: OPPOSED
  • HB 1075 [Liquor privatization]: OPPOSED
  • HB 1495 [Layoffs]: OPPOSED