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May 19, 2022 Philadelphia City Council Public Comment on Bill No. 210685-AA by AFT Pennsylvania President Arthur G. Steinberg, Philadelphia Federation of Teachers President Jerry T. Jordan  “We thank Councilmember Green and his staff for their work on mandatory asbestos testing and the ‘School Building Safety Advisory Group.’ For decades, our union has been demanding the remediation of toxins like lead, asbestos, and mold from our school buildings, and for decades those calls have largely been met with silence, inaction, or even obfuscation from the School District of Philadelphia.  MORE


May 19, 2022

PHILADELPHIA—For the second time, the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers (PFT), the American Federation of Teachers Pennsylvania (AFTPA), and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) filed an amicus "friend of the court" brief in support of the landmark school funding trial.

Access our newly filed brief here. Access our 2015 brief here.

Since before the trial's inception and throughout the years of preparation and court hearings, our unions and members have been staunch advocates for the fair funding of public education. Indeed, collectively with the plaintiffs

May 18, 2022 Reflecting on the 2022 Primary Elections, PFT President Jerry T. Jordan issued the following statement: PHILADELPHIA—"Yesterday was exhilarating--to relish in so many hard-fought victories for progressive champions in Philadelphia and beyond was a reminder of both the progress we have made and the work ahead: "In the state legislature, our message and our fight clearly resonate with voters. The victories of our strong allies Representatives Elizabeth Fiedler (HD184), Rick Krajewski (HD188), and Chris Rabb (HD200) are a testament to not only the power of organizing, but to a round rejection of sinister attempts to buy elections and reject the will of the people. Despite the rejection of these three champions by the Democratic party and despite last-ditch efforts to sully their names and their work, including tens of thousands of dollars poured in by nefarious right-wing organizations, Representatives Fiedler, Krajewski, and Rabb were able to run and win on unapologetic platforms rooted in fighting tirelessly for the communities they represent. We were also pleased to support the reelection campaign of Representative Stephen Kinsey (HD201) and look forward to our continued partnership. MORE
PRESS RELEASE May 15, 2022 "It should horrify and shock any person of conscience that once again, a white supremacist with access to guns targeted and terrorized a predominantly Black community, and in his racist massacre took ten innocent lives—the lives of Buffalo community members shopping for groceries on a Saturday afternoon. "This monstrous act of terrorism is another devastating reminder of the inherent danger of being Black in America. MORE

May 12, 2022

PFT President Jerry Jordan at the "No More Excuses" rally at FS Key School:

On March 29, 2019, so many of us here today stood outside this very school, the oldest school building operating in the school district of Philadelphia, to launch the Fund Our Facilities Coalition. 

We stood here then, just as we do now, to demand more for our children, our educators, and our school communities.  In the time since our coalition launched, we have grown in strength. 

We have secured millions of dollars in remediation efforts. 

We have fought for changes small and large in the approach to a toxic


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